90 Days Full Bumper to Bumper Coverage Warranty by Budget Bikes Inc.!

-- PLUS --
           6 Months Engine and Drive Train Parts Warranty!*  

Don't be fooled by competitors claiming a six month or one year full warranty. Read the fine print! It says only 30 days from date of purchase, and typically covers parts only. You pay labor!! Some companies also include hard-to-meet requirements such as proving you changed your oil in a certain time frame.

Budget Bikes Inc. is proud to offer the strongest and longest warranty in the Houston Area! We were the first Houston Area dealer to offer a FULL 90 day bumper to bumper mechanical warranty including parts and labor, and now we bring you greater peace of mind by adding a SIX MONTH PARTS WARRANTY on the engine and drive train parts! These warranties are extended free of charge to the original purchasers of all NEW vehicles sold by Budget Bikes Inc.! 

Warranty repairs are performed at a Budget Bikes location, and warranty service work is always given a top priority. This warranty is backed directly by Budget Bikes Inc., IN ADDITION to any and all warranties offered by the manufacturers, so there is never a need to deal with a manufacturer when you buy from Budget Bikes.

We take pride in offering you this warranty in plain English, that does not require you to prove unrealistic tests, produce receipts, or to document your every move on your bike. Simply perform basic maintenance and ride! This does not mean we will accept every warranty claim, but it does mean we will only deny one if we have a good documented reason such as abuse, accidents, neglect, or other exemptions detailed here.

Budget Bikes is the ONLY Houston Area dealer to offer this warranty directly to you without regard to the manufacturer. We encourage you to read the fine print in our competitor's warranties to avoid disappointment later. Does the competitor's warranty say that they offer the warranty? Or that the manufacturer offers the warranty? Does their warranty require you to document impossible requirements such as an oil change after the first tank of gas? How do you prove you did an oil change after the first tank, and not the second? At Budget Bikes, your warranty repair labor is free for 90 days! Out of state customers may choose to either bring the vehicle to a Budget Bikes location or request replacement parts to be shipped to them for local installation at their expense.

The Budget Bikes warranty does not cover plastics or cosmetic appearance, please inspect your new vehicle carefully.

The Budget Bikes warranty does not cover regular maintenance items such as light bulbs, chain adjustments, loosened bolts, clutches, brake pads, or any rubber item such as tires or belts. It is the customer's responsibility to perform regular maintenance on their bikes such as safety inspections, bolt tightness checks, chain adjustments and oil changes. Failure to do so will void the warranty.


Batteries are covered for 30 days because they are "starter batteries" and if they are not used, they may lose their charge. Carburetors are covered for 30 days since we have no control over whether our customers will use the bike regularly, and they can be impacted by lack of use due to the harmful effects of Ethanol. Please see our service and maintenance page for  more information.

The warranty is voided by accidents or abuse that is typically shown by physical damage or burned out clutches, or failure to follow maintenance guidelines listed on our service page. Mechanical tampering by customer or any other repair facility IMMEDIATELY VOIDS THE WARRANTY. The engine warranty will also be voided if the customer does not replace break-in oil as recommended (see maintenance section under Service category). Adherence to this requirement will be determined by common sense testing such as quality of oil in the engine at time of service and/or potential damage that would occur as a result of failure to follow the maintenance guidelines.

No other warranty will apply other than what is specifically stated here, neither expressed nor implied, verbally or otherwise.


Budget Bikes will warrant any repair for a period of 90 days. This does not include any damage that may have resulted from accidents, abuse, or as a result of an unrelated mechanical failure.

Budget Bikes Inc. reserves the right to charge storage fees ($15.00/day) for any item left over 14 days past the invoice or final estimate date. Budget Bikes will not be responsible for items left over 30 days past the invoice or final estimate date, and any items left over 30 days may be sold to pay service or storage expenses.


Budget Bikes Inc. purchases insurance on ALL shipments to destinations in the lower 48 states.

It is the customer's responsibility to carefully inspect all packages before signing for them. In the event of visible damage to packaging, the customer must either decline the package or note the damage on the delivery receipt and photograph the external damage to the packaging. Shipping damage is covered by the shipping company's insurance provider, NOT Budget Bikes, Inc., and your claim will be denied if you accept the shipment without noting the damage.

Shipping insurance polices are VOIDED if the customer unpacks and / or assembles the product. By unpacking or assembling the product, customer agrees that the product arrived in satisfactory condition.

Customer is responsible for any return shipping costs, unless the package is refused because of damage at the time of attempted delivery or the package is photographed prior to opening.

Shipping insurance will cover replacement of any damaged parts, up to and including replacement of the entire package, provided these terms are complied with. By placing your order for a shipped product, you accept these terms.


Like all motor vehicle dealers, Budget Bikes Inc. does not accept returns on new or used vehicles and does not offer new vehicle purchase refunds under any circumstances. Instead, we protect our customer's investments by offering the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. Please note that we also do not take returns on custom ordered or electrical parts.


There are inherent risks associated with riding any type of powersports equipment. By agreeing to purchase this product, the buyer asserts that they are of legal age to enter into a contract and the Buyer fully assumes responsibility for any injury or related loss associated with the use of this vehicle. The buyer expressly releases Budget Bikes, Inc. from any liability related to any incident arising from the use of this equipment. Furthermore, the buyer assumes full responsibility for any loss or injury resulting from Buyer's decision to allow any other person to use this equipment. This is expressly inclusive of any decision by buyer to allow a minor to use the vehicle.

* 6 month engine and drive train warranty is parts only. Standard labor rates apply for installation of the engine parts.


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